Vintage Ceramic Cupboard Cabinet door Knobs

Vintage Ceramic Cupboard Cabinet door Knobs

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These beautiful vintage style ceramic cabinet knobs are the perfect way to add new life to old furniture or new kitchens.
Brighten up old cabinets, cupboards, drawers and bureaus with our stylish ceramic door handles. 
Perfect for a shabby chic project or a new kitchen that needs that something different.

Most of our ceramic knobs are 3.8cm in diameter (1.5 inches) with 3.8cm projection (1.5 inches).
The bolts are 3.5cm long, allowing for easy fitting to doors or drawers that are a up to 2.5cm thick. 

We will send you designs as per stock availability in same colors.
We have many more ceramic knobs in stock so please contact us if you would like to enquire about different colours or designs. 
UK Delivery is completely free.
If you would like larger quantities of particular design and they are not currently listed, we can produce more of a design for you within about 1 week.

The majority of our knobs come with silver fittings, as you can see pictured.